"Roots" is the debut album of the upper-Austrian musicians formerly known as A.G.Trio, with their new project Ages. The release is characterised by dark, melancholic and melodious songs and shows, that someone can reinvent himself even after years in the music business. A conglomerate of Austria’s national indie and electronic scene is involved.

When earlier this year the members of the successful A.G.Trio announced that they would turn their attention to their new project Ages, and with it create a new sound, they caused a huge stir. With three singles, "Return" (feat. Zanshin), "I Want It" (feat. Laura Goméz) and "Hymn" (feat. Inner), released in rapid succession, they unambiguously showed in which direction they now want to head. The new relaxed, melodious and moody sound quickly found its audience. In particular, radio stations from North America to Asia, along with the national Austrian radio station FM4, supported the new sound with airplay.
"Roots" is the group’s debut album which, with help of many guest singers, deepens and pursues the sound of the single releases. It is thrilling to hear where the sound of the former A.G.Trio is heading, as well as how some of their guest singers, for example Alex Konrad (Gin Ga), Ira Atari, Johannes Eder (Catastrophe & Cure), Yasmo/Miss Lead and Susana Sawoff sound with new beats.
Release date
13. November 2015
CD, Vinyl, Mp3
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