Give Me a Kiss
Sweet Anarchy
Give Me a Kiss bring up the glamourous aspects of Electro on their debut EP „Sweet Anarchy“.

Electro + Glam-Rock = Electro-Metal? – This rock-sound, which evokes a feeling of pity and compassion, has already made its way into current dancefloor-productions. The EP "Sweet Anarchy" by Give Me a Kiss is a rare blend of 80ies rock attitude and dirty Electro-House which is characterized by its homogeneity. The three tracks on the EP play with different ideas. By mixing various influences, they create an accented and smart sound using a powerful bass.
The members of Give Me a Kiss are from the French cities Tours and Paris. The three multimedia artists like to support their live-sets with elaborate video-projections. Thus it’s not surprising that they plan to produce or have already made video clips for all tracks on "Sweet Anarchy". Give Me a Kiss has been successful and received lots of positive reviews in the music blog-scene so far. However, after having already produced some remixes "Sweet Anarchy" is their first proper release.
Give Me A Kiss
Release date
09. April 2010
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