Heads-Up Ravers
If something looks French, tastes French and – most importantly - sounds French ... – it might eventually be French. No1Else from Paris releases an impressive electro-monster on the Austrian label Etage Noir Special.

"Heads-Up Ravers" is a selection of three peak-time electro bangers by the up and coming French producer Thomas Bisson a.k.a. No1Else. Those tracks are definitely not made to be played in the early evening. They’re heavy, trashy and nasty. Filtered sawtooth synths, clicking snare drums and distorted beats dominate the diverse sound on this EP. Being part of a lively electro scene in his hometown Paris, No1Else often picks up rough and uncooked ideas from the street to bring quite an enormous amount of raw material into his productions. Hence the inspiration for the track "Broken Amplid" derived from an actual talk with Justice. All tracks are approved by No1Else’s own DJ-sets; they meet their initial purpose of generating an acute feeling of excess and devotion on the dancefloor.
By adding No1Else to the artist roster Etage Noir Special presents the first of some young new artists on this label. The newly established connection between Paris and Vienna might become the base for further cooperation. At least the near future promises to bring up more French artists on Vienna´s electrohouse label.
Release date
05. March 2010
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