Everyone with us
The A.G.Trio´s latest electro-house hymn arrives just in time for this year´s festival season.
„Everyone With Us“ is as well dance track as it´s a pop song, rooted in the excessive touring of the Trio. Their impressive live presence with a very dynamic performance rewards them with a large and constantly growing fan community. The listeners of Austrian radio FM4 voted them „Soundpark band of the year“.

All the remixes are crafted by artists from the A.G.Trio´s circle of friends and comrade-in-arms. Miami Kidz, a new project by Eriq Johnson, interpretes the track in a summerly and housey way. Disco Trash Music from Bavaria furnishes the track with an acid treatment. aUtOdiDakt´s remixing lifte „Everyone With Us“ to a ruff and electroid level. And Pola-Riot from Vienna adds a dangerous bassline, which saws it´s way through the dancefloor.

„You can´t go wrong with the A.G.Trio. Hooky melodies with a bassline to die for. Original version is my mix. I am with you, boys!“ Parov Stelar
Release date
10. June 2011
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