Pola Riot
Ain’t no stopping the Riot! Viennese producers and party promoters/animals Pola-Riot are back with another massive dancefloor smasher. Following the acclaimed What What EP, their bouncy and cheerful new track Brazza (released on Etage Noir Special) is surely destined to make audiences freak out big time.

Being named after an (in)famous Italian explorer Brazza is keeping up Pola-Riot’s emphasis on high-energy production work while at the same time infusing some of that techno-noirish flair the duo integrated in its last year‘s remixes for Mustard Pimp and Valerna.

The complete package comes with two remarkable reworks. Austrian fellowmen A.G.Trio amp up the original by giving it the big room treatment: prog rave par excellence! On the other hand much lauded French shooting star The Deficient is spicing it up with some tropical snare flavor – big banger alarm!
Pola Riot
Release date
30. march 2012
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