Countably Infinite
With their single „Countably Infinite“ A.G.Trio pre-announce their upcoming album „Action“ (out in May on Etage Noir Special). For „Countably Infinite“ the singer of the Austrian alternative band Francis International Airport, Markus Zahradnicek, joins the trio and adds his distinctive vocals to the deep melodic backtrack. The result is an atmospheric electro pop song with a catchy hook line and big potential for radio airplay.
After releasing some strictly dancefloor oriented EPs and Remixes, „Countably Infinite“ is the A.G.Trio´s return to their pop-influenced roots, preparing a balanced album with all aspects of their work.

The single release is complemented by three remixes. Up & coming futuretechno producer Dunjinz from Ohio keeps the laidback mood of the track but strips it down to its bones. Fast Feet from vienna – a new project by the producers Mozza and DRCT - transforms the track to a pushing U.K. style monster. And Abby Lee Tee from Linz reinvents the track by extracting its pure soul and reassembling an emotional electronica composition.
Release date
06. April 2012
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