Cash & Bloom
Nasty Boys
Lilja Bloom and Cash Candy present their brand new project CASH & BLOOM. What can you expect? Heavy Basslines with distorted Guitars are dancing with Vintage Synths like barking dogs and Lilja is the lady who keeps them under control. With her cheeky and erotic voice she creates an uncompareable mood with a certain drive that never looks back...always moving forward with a positive vibe that makes slowpokes screaming and turns little schoolgirls into maneating vamps!If you like Justice and Catpower...this is your new record!
Beside the titletrack "NASTY BOYS" and "HARDCORE" you find the minimal tech/house track called "THREE LADIES" which starts in a gently way and explodes with a firework after the break. A peaktime monster for every DJ set!Anyway...hard to describe this record.... try it but play it loud!
Cash & Bloom
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