Zombies in the Disco
“Zombies In The Disco” is the first release of the A.G.Trio. Andy Korg, Roland von der Aist and Aka Tell bring in an enjoyable, partly ironic and laid back approach to dance-music. The eponymous track is a technoid stomper with a sawtooth-bassline and a melodic refrain, topped with Rolands trade-mark voice. “Zombies In The Disco” has been one of the highlights in the A.G.Trio´s concerts in the last few months.
With some more housy sounds “A Simple Girl” gives more space for experiments with vocals.&Saint Pauli - producing phosphorescent tracks from the heart of Hamburg these two crazy bastards have disco in their blood, rock in their souls and turn every party into a pressure cooker ready to explode. Genetically blending rock and disco with a pinch of madness, Saint Pauli presents the monster track "i need rhythm". With this you get super-hot remixes from artists who know how to get your feet tapping, your head banging and your ass shaking: "i need rhythm" is recommended for live sets and DJs where dance floor excess is required.way once again for Roland von der Aists trademark voice. An instrumental version of „Jungle“ is also included.
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