Slice & Stitch
Back in the club. After an extensive festival summer it´s time to get back to the clubs. And the A.G.Trio has the perfect music for that. Both tracks on the "Slice & Stitch EP" aim straight at the dancefloor.
"Cyclops" has been the opening tracks for some of the Trio´s live sets recently and proved itself well. A nearly classic electrohouse beat creates the base for the interplay of a fat bass and dirty synths with a retro hookline as topping.
The EP´s title track, "Slice & Stitch" makes heavy use of percussion elements and features an elaborate build-up. Its versatility already made it a DJ´s favorite.
The remix of "Slice & Stitch" by Viennese newcomer Roquestar reduces the pace of the track a bit and brings some more "house" into play. And Berlin´s The Sexinvaders polish "Cyclops" by adding some up to date electro-tech aspects.
Release date
20. September 2013
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