„Moldance“ is the A.G.Trio´s final single release from their debut album „Action“, released in May. The track already gained superior feedback in the first album reviews back then and became an audience´s favorite during the live-shows of the A.G.Trio in summer 2012. So it was decided to give the track attention once more, this time outside of the album context. Beside three remixes of befriended artists the single also contains a vocal version, which was made in cooperation with the South African act Hypomaniacs.
Hypomaniacs also did a remix of the track. The two further remixes on the release are by Dynomyt from the United States and Cosmic Sand from Portugal.

„Moldance“ is a cover version of Bedřich Smetana´s composition „The Moldau“, that premiered in 1882 as part of the set „My Country“. The A.G.Trio not only uses the melody of the popular choras but approaches the composition as a whole. This way a bridge is built between two parts of music history that are more than 100 years apart.
Release date
05. October 2012
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