"Reaction" is a compilation of the A.G.Trio´s various remixes since their debut album in 2012. It unveils an impressive multiplicity in the A.G.Trio´s sound and approach to remix work.
With their first LP "Action" the A.G.Trio landed a veritable hit back in 2012. The single "Countably Infinite" was a darling of the dance as well as of the indie scene. And in the last 1,5 years the trio was heavily requested at festivals and in clubs with their live act. Whenever the tight schedule of the three musicians allowed for it, they did some remixes for miscellaneous artists. The results were rather different and bit by bit the trio´s sound changed. More dark and experimental aspects began to replace the happy dance sound that was the A.G.Trio´s trademark. After touring with their album the A.G.Trio immediately went back to the studio to reinforce that development and take it even further. In the meantime "Reaction" is released to present the remixes from 2012 and 2013 for the first time on one release - including previously unreleased work.
The original tracks, remixed on "Reaction", are rather diverse. On the one side there are, of course, tracks by other dance producers as the A.G.Trio is rooted in this scene. Remixes for The Sexinvaders, Beef Theatre, Pola-Riot, Cosmic Sand and South Africa´s Hypomaniacs are collected and presented for the first time together.
After the huge success of the A.G.Trio´s track "Countably Infinite" - which they did together with Markus Zahradnicek, singer of the indie band Francis International Airport - the trio received lots of remix requests by other indie bands. But the only ones they actually accepted were for the befriended bands Francis International Airport and Bilderbuch. Both remixes are released for the first time on "Reaction".
The remixes for Allen Alexis and Lilja Bloom are - again - for colleagues and good friends of the trio. And the remix for the Austrian polka-rockers Russkaja was commissioned as a bonus track for their album "Energia".
The A.G.Trio are the Austrian musicians and producers Roland Bindreiter, Jürgen Oman and Markus Reindl. All three of them were previously active as solo musicians. In late 2004 they joined as an improvised live-act before they started releasing studio productions in 2009. Already with their first releases they gained international support by acts like Groove Armada, Etienne de Crecy, M.A.N.D.Y and Kissy Sell Out as well as many booking requests. Their dynamic live-act is heavily demanded all around the globe and led the trio to various countries, including Mexico and South Korea.
In 2012 the A.G.Trio released it´s debut album "Action". The album and the single "Countably Infinite" led to the trio´s breakthrough inside and out off the dance scene. The last two seasons they spent touring with their album. At the moment the A.G.Trio is working on new music in their studio in Austria.
Release date
14. march 2014
CD, Mp3
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