I Want it
After the success of their debut single "Return feat. Zanshin" the Upper Austrian formation Ages returns with the new track "I Want It". This time they invited Laura Goméz, known as the voice of Ghost Capsules and Haiku Dandys, as singer.
Featuring the same laid back and melancholic mood, "I Want It" is a bit faster and embodies a subtle drive. Some influences from the current UK sounds and a restrained retro touch expand the repertoire of the project and denote musical tendencies you might expect from them in the future.
The release also contains two remixes of "Return feat. Zanshin". In his "Switchback Version" Zanshin himself adapts the track for the dancefloor. Alex the Flipper, a Hip Hop and Beats producer, also from Upper Austria, gives the track a new flavor by adding dancehall influences.
Release date
20. March 2015
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