Austria's A.G.Trio strikes again, with a live-approved electrohouse anthem that deals nonchalantly with foreign languages...

„Dancen“ is a euphoric electrohouse hymn straight from the desk of the Austrian A.G.Trio.
After the huge success of their previous release „Replay,“ this new EP is more dedicated to the dancefloor and thus the title track rarely makes use of vocals. The track „Dancen“ is the studio version of one of A.G.Trios most requested live tracks. It gets to the heart of what the whole project is about: The word „Dancen,“ like the lyrics, is a wild mix between the German and English words for „dancing.“ The second track on the EP, „Jungle,“ is an electrified bass monster, making way once again for Roland von der Aists trademark voice. An instrumental version of „Jungle“ is also included.

„Dancen“ is the A.G.Trios fifth release since they appeared on the scene in early 2009. Their live acts and remixes became heavily requested in this time, and in their home country Austria, all their 2009 releases made the iTunes overall top 100.

After a break of some months and a relaunch, this is the first release of a new series on the label Etage Noir Special. The restructured electrohouse label is looking forward to a busy year 2010, with upcoming releases from a young and strong roster of artists.
Release date
29. January 2010
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