Orchestra Psychodelia
Cybatown remixes
With the „Cybatown (Remixes)“ EP the Austrian label Etage Noir Special presents an interesting crossover project somewhere at the vague borders between pop, hip hop and dance music.

The Upper-Autrian producer duo Murphy & Fin Law´s project Orchestra Psychodelia can best be described as the reinterpretation of hip hop patterns in experimental pop music. Their knowledge and skills from numerous other projects and productions are foundation for a reconstruction of accustomed structures and practices in pop music. The whole project is complemented by an elaborate conceptual design and based upon the concepts of anonymity and replaceability.

The track „Cybatown“ was originally released free as part of the EP „Unleash The Music“ in 2011. After the A.G.Trio´s Andy Korg discovered the track he soon instigated this remix EP on Etage Noir Special and also invited the befriended producer Just Banks to join the project. Both remixes show the clear hand writing of their respecitve remixers and fit perfectly into the underlying concept of reconstruction and reinterpretation. The A.G.Trio goes – as usual – for a straight dancefloor banger with pop attitude. Just Banks works with deep bass and breakbeats, this way he reveals new aspects of the hip hop influence in the original track.
Orchestra Psychodelia
Release date
05. November 2012
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